Galicia is in fashion!

If we talk about Galicia, we talk about nature in its purest state, about history, about gastronomy, about places that you cannot miss, full of unforgettable experiences that will take place in this magical land that breathes legends, place where all roads end.

From the Walkin&Eatin Galicia team you intend to be your travel companions, the hosts who will plan the day for you, allowing you to simply enjoy this land with the five senses.

We will reveal the story behind each landscape, so we will be a fundamental piece in your journey, essential to understand this land and its people.

Galicia is an ideal destination for all types of travelers and trips. Lovers of our work and our region have extensive experience and know-how that will allow us to design a route adapted to your needs.


Trip organization in Galicia

Our local guides work throughout the Galician geography, from A Coruña to Vigo, passing through Santiago de Compostela, the blue umbrellas that identify our guides merge with the ocean and the earth.

We propose several tours, but if you want something more personalized or to know other cities or regions it will be a pleasure to design it according to your needs.

In addition, we collaborate with different companies that carry out day trips from the main Galician cities that will complete your stay on this land.

We are passionate about our work and our greatest desire would be to share it with you through our guided tours.

Know El Camino

To understand the Camino de Santiago, we must look back to the year 813. The body of Santiago El Mayor, one of the twelve apostles, is found on Mount Libredón (our current Santiago de Compostela). After this finding, people from all over the world decide to walk to Compostela as a pilgrimage in exchange for the forgiveness of their sins. Each pilgrim came from their countries of origin, and that is why the different Ways of Santiago arise (French Way, Primitive Way, Northern Way, English Way, Portuguese Way, Vía de la Plata …)

Walkin&Eatin Galicia knows perfectly the secrets of the Camino de Santiago. That is why we are also guides of the Way, passionate about the stories that make up each stage and happy to share them with you.

With extensive experience walking with groups, both in Spanish and English. Our offer consists of a tourist pack during the Camino: tourist guide service that accompanies the group at all times, accommodation, Galician cuisine meals, luggage transfer at each stage, travel insurance …

Just worry about walking and let us organize your Way!