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What is a City Escape Game?

The concept of escape room consists of taking a group of players and locking them in a room so that, by solving brain games and puzzles, they can get out of it against the clock. Like any escape game, until now they had some limits such as the size of the room or the number of games that can be done but, if we break all those limits, we will have a much more fun and dynamic game.


This game turns Vigo into the scene of an escapism game, also combining the fact of being part of a movie to experience the concept of escape games in the first person. From now on you have at your fingertips our mobile application together with our box in which you will find all the material to turn the “Olívica City” into the setting of your own movie.


Vigo has a lot of attractions that make it an interesting city, but if we add some excitement to that interest, we only increase its appeal. At Walkin & Eatin Galicia we wanted to make Vigo an outdoor escape room so that the fun that the city can offer us multiplies.

The young university professor, Sarah Levi, has located the Spear of Destiny at a point in the city of Vigo. For years, a team of university researchers led by Sarah Levi, have been studying the historical journeys of different religious relics. A call from Bosco, a member of the team, sets off all the alarms, after centuries of loss, it seems that a clue locates the Lance in Vigo.

You must help Sarah find the holy relic and put it safely in a museum so that it can be studied and away from Gnostic groups that have been behind the Lance for centuries.


Will you be able to discover where the holy spear is?

What we have in hand is an escape city, the evolution of the traditional escape room. Our escape city turns Vigo into the setting for the games that we could find in an escape room but adding new twists and some more interesting features. In this way, we bring The Assassin in the Mask, a “cluedo” type game in which you will have to imprison a serial killer who leaves the bodies of his victims in some of the most important places in Vigo.


The press has called our criminal the Assassin of the Mask, who has gone through several cities in Spain repeating the same way of acting: he murders his victims and then leaves his corpse with a mask in some tourist or historical place. In Vigo he has repeated this modus operandi to get as much attention as possible from the media and social networks. But, while you hunt down the murderer, you also have the opportunity to rediscover the most emblematic places of the city through our mobile application that will offer you the most relevant information about everything you are encountering.