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What is a City Escape Game?

Escape room games work by locking a group of players in a room so that, by solving brain games and puzzles, they can find their way out against the clock. Up to this moment, escape games were limited by the size of the room or the number of games that could be played. However, by breaking those limits, we create a much more fun and dynamic game.


We have turned Vigo into the setting of an escapism game, combined with the experience of starring an actual film. From now on, you will count on our phone app together with our Escape City Box, where you will find all the necessary materials to turn the “Olivic City” into the setting of your own film.


Vigo has many attractions that make it an interesting city, and if we add some excitement, its appeal only increases. Walkin & Eatin Galicia has transformed Vigo into an outdoor escape room to boost all the fun that the city can offer.

The young university professor Sarah Levi has located the Spear of Destiny somewhere in the city of Vigo. For years, a team of university researchers led by Levi have been studying the historical traces of different religious relics. A phonecall from Bosco, a member of the team, sets off every alarm: after being lost for centuries, it seems that the Spear may be hidden in Vigo.

You must help Sarah find the holy relic and place it in a museum so that it can be studied, away from Gnostic groups that have been after the Spear for centuries.


Will you be able to discover where the holy spear is?

We present you an escape city game, the evolution of the traditional escape room games. Our escape city turns Vigo into the setting of regular escape room games, but adding new twists and interesting features. This way, we present you The Murderer of the Mask, a “cluedo” type game in which you will have to imprison a serial killer who places his victims’ corpses in the most important spots of Vigo.


The press has nicknamed this criminal “the Murderer of the Mask”, who has repeated his performance in several Spanish cities: he commits a murder and leaves the masked corpse in a tourist or historic attraction. He has repeated this same modus operandi in Vigo to get as much attention as possible from the media and social networks. While you hunt down the murderer, you will have the opportunity to rediscover the most emblematic places of the city by using our phone app, which offers relevant information about the monuments you will encounter.