The Way of St. James has its origins in the 9th century, when the corpse of the Apostle Santiago was found in the centre of Galicia. From then on, people from all over Europe began to make a pilgrimage to the northwestern lands of the Iberian Peninsula to worship the body of the Apostle. This is how the seven Caminos de Santiago arose:

French Way, Primitive Way, Northern Way

English Way, Portuguese Way, Finisterre Way and Vía de la Plata



2021 is the 120th Jubilee Year of Compostela or Holy Jacobean Year, which is only celebrated when July 25th (the festivity of St. James the Apostle) falls on a Sunday. The last Holy Year was 2010 and the next one will be 2032. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Santiago on such special dates!

The Portuguese Way goes through the very centre of the city of Vigo on its way to Compostela. There are about 130 kilometers left from Vigo to Santiago de Compostela.


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