To understand the Camino de Santiago we must look back to the year 813. The body of Santiago El Mayor, one of the twelve apostles, is found on Mount Libredón (our current Santiago de Compostela). After this discovery, people from all over the world decide to walk to Compostela as a pilgrimage in exchange for the forgiveness of their sins. Each pilgrim came from their countries of origin, and that is why the different Ways of Santiago arise (French Way, Primitive Way, Northern Way, English Way, Portuguese Way, Vía de la Plata …)


In 2021, the 120th Compostela Jubilee Holy Year or Xacobeo Holy Year will be celebrated, which are those on which July 25 (the feast of St. James the Apostle) falls on a Sunday. The last Holy Year was in 2010 and the next one will be celebrated in 2032 so don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Santiago on such special dates!

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